You know you are a travelholic when…


Hi, my name is Marie and I’m a travelholic. Like any other drugs, I need my fix. I need to feel the high that comes with all new adventures. For some, it is hard to understand people like us. We get the usual: «why don’t you come home? » or the «you know you can get a real good job here». What people don’t understand is that we don’t want to go home and we don’t want to get a «real good» job. We want to explore, we want to discover what this world has to offer. We need to do it. Our body tells us to do it, just like your body is telling you how good a cigarette could be. Nothing compares to the high we get when we board a plane, a train or a bus. The feeling we get knowing a new adventure is coming, that we are going to discover a new place, we will learn something different, we will live something we never experienced before. This high is priceless.  It is not that we don’t like our home, most of us love it; but we can always go back. Home will always be special, but travels are essentials. They are part of who we are.


You know you are a travelholic when…


 You do everything to save money

More money, more countries… who said pasta with ketchup was not a really good meal?

You can now sleep everywhere everything-is-comfortable

No hotel, no bed? No problem! I have an airport floor or a hard bus seat; it will do.

No toilet is too dirty for you

No door? No problem, I don’t need privacy anymore. No toilet seat? Don’t worry, I love to squat. No toilet paper? Ha! Everybody has some on them, right? Pee on the floor? Well, that was water…Yah, I’m pretty sure it was! Cockroach? Everybody needs a friend to pee with, no?

…And indexno hotel is too dirty for you

Sleeping with a towel on your bed sheet is normal, right?

Flip flops are your best friend

You already did everything once with your flip flops: going to the beach, climbing rocks, mountains, cross rivers, walk on a volcano. Nobody needs shoes anymore.

You are a master of the clothes folding

10 minutes, that’s all you need to pack your bag.


You don’t care about the touristy places; you prefer to get lost and discover places where nobody went before you.

You use your parents’ home address whenever you need one, because you clearly don’t have one. zipcode

 The world is your home but sadly it doesn’t have a zip code and sometimes you need one.

You have words in other languages in your daily vocabulary. But often forget it’s not in English!

Your favorite words in other languages become part of your vocabulary and you are using them like everybody knows what it means…. but they don’t.

 It feels weirdhome to wake up in your hometown.

It feels strange being understood everywhere you go… And for some reasons it feels so good to be back home; but it feels even better to leave it again.

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