Live Nha Trang – Day 1


When we plan a vacation we usually either use our good friend Google and try to find what there is to do in every place we are planning on visiting or we ask a friend who has been there; In both cases, we hope for the best. We hope the pictures and the reviews you find on Google are accurate or that your friend has the same definition of traveling.  I’m going to be honest right now: I’m not the kind of traveler who is always looking for the best attraction or the most entertaining activity to do; I’m the kind of traveler who is always looking for the local places, for activities that makes a city beautiful for locals. I will always prefer to ask a local to get lost with him in the city rater than going to a temple. Don’t get me wrong: temples are beautiful, some are even breath-taking, but that’s not the soul of a city. I want to see a city from the inside. I want to feel it, to breathe it, to eat it. Most of the time, TripAdvisor or Google cannot provide that, whereas locals can.

If you agree with me on this, well, you will like my next series of articles about what to do in Nha Trang. Next three articles will be about ideas on how to make the most out of everyday spent in this city.

Day 1 in Nha Trang

Ba Ho waterfalls


If you come to Nha Trang, you have to stop at Ba Ho waterfalls. Beautiful and peaceful, Ba Ho will definitely take a place in your heart. You can take the longer route and stay on the coastal road for half of the drive and enjoy the beautiful sea view. After a 45-minute drive, you will finally have arrived. The entrance fee is 25,000 vnd per person and 4,000 vnd per motorbike. Then the fun begins. You only have one path to start with, but at one point you will arrive in front of big rocks and you will have 3 choices: 1) crossing the rocks and following the rocky path – not so easy, but worth it 2)staying on the same side and following the path into the forest – easiest 3) creating your own path – risky, but adventure lovers will love it.

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Once you arrived at the waterfall, you are free! Get lost there and find all the other spots. Everything upstream from the waterfall is more peaceful (yes, it can get more peaceful) – most of the people stop at the first point, they either don’t know about the other spots or they simply like to jump. The first spot is the only one where you can jump from the rocks. You technically can from the third spot, but there is not much thrill in doing so…

I like this place for the mix of adventure and peacefulness that it brings to me. You can bring anything you want with you (food, alcohol, soft drink, books etc.) to make sure to spend the whole day there. The sunlight reflecting off the rocks, the blue refreshing water, the little fish tickling you, the smell of wood, the peacefulness of silence…well, I’ve experience worst things.

Vĩnh lương


After a long day climbing rocks, you will probably be hungry and ready for some Vietnamese food. There is an amazing place on the way back where you can enjoy the incredible snails of Nha Trang.  The name of the place is Ốc Nhưng, Vĩnh Lương – Nha Trang and writing this “Chợ Vĩnh Lương, Lương Sơn, Tp. Nha Trang, Khánh Hoà” in google map will get you there. This is a must-eat in Nha Trang, and this is where you can find the cheapest and the best of it.


From the outside, this place looks like nothing but a regular Vietnamese street restaurant with too many snails and sea food. Just trust me on this one and order anything that you are willing to try. Almost everything meets perfection so you cannot really be wrong. Point out what you want and say how much- they know exactly how to cook all of them. Don’t order too much of each and try as many as possible. It looks like nothing, but you will be full in the blink of an eye… or maybe this is my Vietnamese stomach talking…

My favorite one? These little ones with the coconut sauce or the razor clams with the garlic sauce… I could eat that all day, every day… ok, maybe with a little side of fried rice!

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Sunset on the bridge

If you are a sunset lover as I am – I fell in love with the sun here – on your way back, you will cross a bridge before going back into the city, stop there. Around 5 pm the sun will start to go down and the sunset will amaze you. The sunlight reflecting on the river, on the mountains, on the boats in the sea, on every little piece of beauty in front of you, will make you fall in love with the sun like it did for me.

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If you don’t make it on time for the sunset because you took too long eating those snails, don’t worry, the bridge and the sun will be there tomorrow. You prefer a comfier place than the bridge to watch the same beautiful sunset? Read my next article to discover a little place 5 minutes from there to watch the sunset from almost the same angle!

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