About Me

Old soul lost in our society, I decided to follow my dream and get lost in the world. Getting lost is my way of understanding what life is all about. I think life is too short and too beautiful to stay in the same country all life long. I left everything in Montreal to discover the world. I’m trying to live everywhere, and not only visit every country. I want to see the world as a local, not as a tourist. Naturally curious, I want to understand what makes every country so special. Being a freelance translator and proofreader gives me the freedom I need.

I love to learn, hate to study. School is not for everybody, and it’s totally okay that way.

Life is a wonderful school if you take advantage of what it has to offer. You will never learn a language faster than if you don’t have a choice but to speak it. You will never learn what vietnamese cuisine taste like, if you never went to Vietnam. You will never discover your full potential if you stay in the same environment. You will never fully understand how the world works watching the news back home in your sofa. You will never realize how happiness can be easy if you keep buying things to be happier.

«It wasn’t a face. It was a feeling. It was beautiful. It was scary. But it felt right. Happiness, I think it was you» @m.ec_

If you love your routine, keep it. We need people like you. If you want to buy a flight ticket, buy that flight ticket. Why not? Ww always need so many reasons to go and only one to stay… why? Being afraid of the unknown is perfectly natural. But, stopping yourself because you are afraid, is different. Tell yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Are you ready for that thing? Then, go for it.

We ask ourself to much «why?» and not enough «why not?»

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