9 reasons why being a travelholic sucks


Travelling the world is awesome. We see amazing things, we discover places we never though could exist and we meet incredible people. Lots of people want to do the same because it looks perfect from the outside; it looks like an easy life.  But there is things only few people talks about; some downsides to all of these adventures. We need to sacrifice somethings, some people, some moments…

 Here are 9 downsides of being a travel freak, a travelholic.

  1. You miss birthdays, weddings, pregnancies

You miss so much. Everybody around you is changing; giving birth; getting married and you miss most of it. You feel awful all the time, but you cannot come back home every time… sadly.

  1. You become a bad friend

You want to keep in touch with all your friends, but it’s hard. You are always on the go; always experiencing something different. They want us to tell them everything, but everything is too much to explain. It still doesn’t mean you don’t think about them or that you love them less.

  1. You don’t see people you love grow-up

Time fly and you miss so much you cannot take back. You see pictures on Facebook, on Instagram and wish you were there enjoying life with them. At the end, you left people back home you miss incredibly every day.

  1. You change, but not your friends

You come back home and feel like everything has changed. You experienced so much from last time you were home, but your friends, not so much. You still love them, but you are in two different places.

  1. You cannot stop yourself from traveling

Even if you know you are missing a lot of things, you cannot help it, you need to travel. You feel like you miss so much more if you stay home and don’t discover the world then if you are far away from home.

  1. It is exhausting to explain yourself all the time

People don’t understand you, and think it is just a phase and you will come home soon and start a «regular» life with a «normal» job. But it will never happen, and you need to remind them constantly. It’s exhausting.

  1. Sometimes you feel lonely

Even if we see awesome things all the time, and meet new people every day, we still feel lonely sometimes. Try to have a relationship when you change country more often then you wash your clothes. If you find you travel buddy, you’re lucky; but you are part of the minority.

  1. You often struggle for money

You need to travel and you need money to do that. Being a freelancer is the easiest way to combine work and travel, but not everybody has what it takes or has enough clients to do it fulltime. We still cannot help it; even without money we will travel.

  1. There is too many goodbyes

You meet incredible people all the time, and that means lots of goodbyes. It never gets easier. You wish you could bring all of them with you, but that’s not possible.

But at the end, somehow, it’s all worth it. Even with all those downsides, there is much more positive than negative sides. And being away make you realize who you miss the most, who will always be there for you when you come back and who will never make you feel bad for being away for so long. It is for me, the most perfect imperfect lifestyle.

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