6 things travelholics hate to hear


1.      Why do you go there?

Why not? It may not look obvious for you, but every country, every city has something to offer; you just have to find what it is. I will establish something with you: if it’s part of the world, we will go there one day or another.

2.      When are you coming back?

The truth is: I don’t know. If we could we would probably come back more often, but it is not that easy. Life is expensive and there are so many beautiful places to discover. The world is big and it takes a lot of time to see everything. Most of us are far from being done… if we flew home every time we wanted to, we would not have been able to see everything we saw.

3.      You are just escaping your responsibilities.

It is usually coming from our family or friends who don’t understand us. We are not escaping our responsibilities; we just chose a different lifestyle that includes different responsibilities. Who said you had to buy a house, a car, a vacation house and work 8 to 5, five days a week? Who said travelling the world and working from a computer was not the way to live your life? You chose to be sedentary and we chose to be a nomad.

4.      You are rich anyway; you can travel anywhere

NO, WE ARE NOT RICH. We probably make the same amount of money, if it’s not less. BUT, we don’t have car, we don’t go out every night, we don’t go to restaurants every week, we don’t buy new clothes all the time; we save every penny we can to travel. That’s the difference. I can also assure you that most of us are living with at most half of what you own.

5.      You are so lucky

This is usually the one we hear and hate the most. We are not lucky, we chose this lifestyle. we usually did all the sacrifices to be able to do what we do: travel. If you ‘’wish’’ you could do the same thing, like so many people tell us, why don’t you do it? It is easy to create excuses, but it is as easy as doing it. Or maybe you don’t want it as much as we wanted it.

6. You will eventually wake up from your dream

«… and realize it’s too late to get a real job.» Well, maybe we were not clear enough to begin with: we don’t want a job like yours, where you are working 8 to 5 and not enjoying life. We want to enjoy life, discover the world and meet people from everywhere. Most of us are not sure what we expect from travelling and leaving abroad, we are just following our hearts. And I’m sure you can never be wrong if you follow your heart.


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